CLARIA® Bliss Functional Clean-Label Starches provide high performance, a cleaner label and are non-GMO allowing food manufacturers better choices when developing label-friendly products.

  • Their soft, translucent gel and clean flavour attributes allow for the creation of products with superior texture and flavour in the target categories
  • Provides process tolerance similar to a modified tapioca starch, superior to native starches
  • Labels as ‘tapioca starch’ for a simplified label
  • Non-GMO (commercially available tapioca is all non-GMO)  
  • Delivers cleaner flavour and colour than other functional clean-label tapioca starches

CLARIA® Bliss tapioca starches are versatile across a broad range of applications and sophisticated processes.


CLARIA® Bliss tapioca starches can be used when a soft gel texture and/or clean, bland flavour is desired:

  • The textural attributes of CLARIA® Bliss tapioca starches are similar to those of modified tapioca starches – forming soft, translucent gels
  • As with other tapioca food starches, CLARIA® Bliss tapioca starches have a tasteless, clean flavour associated with their low levels of protein and lipid


Three starches are being launched under the CLARIA® Bliss brand. They complement and expand the CLARIA® offering.  They have been created to vary in process tolerance:

Product Name

Shear Tolerance

Process Tolerance

CLARIA® Bliss 580

Very High Shear (UHT)

Very High

CLARIA® Bliss 570

High Shear (HTST)

Medium to High

CLARIA® Bliss 560

Med Shear (Retort)

Low to Medium

  • All three are cook up starches
  •  All SKUs are produced in Koog, Netherlands

CLARIA® Bliss previously called CLARIA® Delight outside of the European Union